„In Hamburg we say Moin“
So Moin to you and welcome to my world.
My name is Sani and I´m a Singer and Songwriter from Hamburg, Germany.

In March 2020 I released my debut single „2 Glasses“ which was a huge success and a good start for me. In summer I worked on new music and my second single “Jungle of Despair” came out in Fall 2021.

My music career began as a street performer in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, before receiving a scholarship and studying at Musician’s Institute Hollywood, with well knows artists.
During my studies in LA, I’ve spent a year in London studying at Point Blank Music School and improving my production and audio engineering skills.

After having worked as an award winning film composer for international films and working for other artists, it’s time to start my solo career and I hope you will like my music and follow my dreams!


2 Glasses

My debut single was released in 2020.
It is a song about the thoughts in a love story.

JUngle of DEspair

My second single was released in at the start of 2021.
Its about to stay on track and how to live in jungle of despair

Oversized Sweater

My third single was released  April 2021. If you know how it feels that your crush put on your sweater?! You will love the song Oversized Sweater

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